What's Included in the Price of a Cruise?

Your accommodations, entertainment, meals and transportation to picturesque destinations all conveniently included in the price of your cruise.  Only the most high end cruises lines charge for excursions but no one is stopping you from exploring the port town in which your ship pulled into. With a little preplanning you can save money by researching exactly what you want to see and save the cost of an excursion.  Maybe you will find similarly minded fellow cruises and share transportation to a local beach or attraction.  Just know that the cruise ship will sail away at the appointed time and it will be your added expense to “hop” to the next port of call.
What’s additional?

Cruise lines have created a lot of creative ways to get more money from their passengers.  They have become floating resorts with many of the extras adding up.  Specialty dinning, expansive spas, concept bars, boutiques, internet usage, on shore excursions and photos.  Let’s not forget the drinks!  If you like more than a glass of wine with supper, you best consider a drink package.

So, why cruise?

In fact, cruises are ranked as one of the top vacation experiences because they provide travelers with the very best value for their vacation dollar. With pools, around the clock entertainment and live shows, casinos, spa and fitness centers, gift shops, and more bars and restaurants than you can count.

This is also a great vacation option for friends traveling together, multi-generation groups, or singles. A cruise ship offers people of diverse interest and ages many options.; there's always something to keep you busy on your cruise. Not to mention that you can cruise to every corner of the earth, it’s an easy way to see the world and you don’t even need to get your feet wet!

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World Cruises

Want to see the world with minimal stress? Skip the long flights, multiple bookings, packing and unpacking by going on a World Cruise.

World Cruise Premium

Experience dramatic and exciting world cruises with warm and welcoming services at affordable prices.

World Cruise Upper Premium

Be immersed in luxury and modern amenities with extra long dream cruises and close-knit camaraderie options.

River Cruises

Delightfully scenic and relaxing. Lavish in some of stunningly beautiful views available only by boat along the most famous rivers and waterways in the world.

River Cruise Lines

European River Cruises
Travel along the Danube, Rhine, Seine and other rivers to must see European countries such as France, Austria, Hungary, Germany, Holland, and Belguim

American River Cruises
Experience the Mississippi River valley and other great Midwest rivers or checkout the Pacific Northwest on Columbia and Snake River Cruises

Asian River Cruises
Amazing river experience include the Yangtze, Mekong, and Irrawaddy Rivers. See China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Tibet, and more today!

Expedition Cruises

Packed with Personal Encounters. This is your chance to explore exotic destinations with experts on smaller ships designed to reach the farthest reaches of the globe.

Expedition Cruise Lines

Looking for the ultimate adventure? Expedition cruises can take you to exotic locales such as The Galápagos Islands, the Antarctic and the Arctic Circle.

Expedition ships tend to be smaller than the average cruise ship, so you'll get a more intimate experience guided by experts. Enjoy in-depth insight and personal experiences as they navigate you safely through worlds of pure discovery and adventure.


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